Accidental Summit


A couple of weekends ago, we met our friends Cory and Rachel out for a short day hike. We followed them to the start of the trail and headed up. The trail started at a temple…it is a more modern temple so it didn’t have the ancient feel to it, but they had some neat statues and it was decorated for Buddha’s birthday with colorful lanterns which was neat.

Buddhist Statue & Temple

We saw this little frog in the pond – we really haven’t seen very many animals while we’ve been here so we excited to see this little guy!

Colorful lanterns

They had a big bell at the temple – Ryan and I took turn ringing it…well, I pretended and Ryan actually rung it :)

The hike was great! It was a trail through rocks/boulders and it was very steep! We didn’t know where this trail would take us and we kept hiking until we got to the summit and realized that we had just hiked to the summit of one of the highest mountains in Geoje!

There was a bamboo forest in the middle of the hike…the funny thing was that the bamboo was only in this small area of the trail – we didn’t see bamboo anywhere else

Cory & Rachel with our trail guides – their dogs are quite the trail guides!

We made it to the summit!

View of Okpo

View from the other side

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