Acupuncture Adventure!


This is from last year but I thought it was worth sharing as it was an interesting experience. I was training for a half marathon last year and my knee kept bothering me once I got beyond 5 or 6 miles – I tried a lot of different things and nothing seemed to work so since I was in Asia, I decided to do as the Asians do and try acupuncture. I had heard from others that Korea is one of the best places to get acupuncture – their doctors who practice it go through a lot of medical training and although I’m not a big needle person (read between the lines…I can’t stand needles), I thought I’d give it a go.  Ryan came with me the first time which means we have some pictures of the process…

First, they talked to me about what was bothering me and then took me to a hospital bed (in Korea, this is basically a table) where I laid down and they put a heating pad on my knee…

Heating Pad

Then came the needles (check out the reluctance in my face!)…

AcupunctureNext, she added some incense buds and stuck them to my knee and told me to push my buzzer when I felt heat because it meant the incense had all burned up and it was time for the next step…I’m not sure what was in the incense but I was certainly more relaxed by this point.

Incense Acupuncture Step Then she put these cups on my knee and they started shooting little electric pulses onto my knee…it was a weird sensation but didn’t really hurt at all.

Acupuncture 2

The next step was to put these bulbs on my knee and then she sucked out the air from them.

Acupuncture 3Finally, she gave me an injection of bee venom – this part was a bit painful. At the end, she gave me some packets of herbs, including ginseng, and told me to drink two per day. I walked away with my knee looking like this:

Acupuncture AftermathIt was certainly an interesting experience and my knee did start to feel a bit better so maybe there’s something to the acupuncture craze….you’ll have to try it out for yourself and see!

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