Beijing Night Market


We had heard about the Night Market in Beijing and some of the wild things they offered. We weren’t sure if the stories were true so we had to go and see for ourselves. When we first walked in, there were skewers of meat which seemed normal, but we could tell we were in for an exciting night as we started to look around a bit more. The stands had all kinds of exotic treats that we had never thought to try before – scorpions, star fish, centipedes, grubs, lizards, and much more.

Entrance to the Night Market

Skewers of Various Types of Meat

Look closely – there are snakes, starfish, scorpions, centipedes, other bugs, and sea horses…

We decided to be brave and we bought a skewer of the scorpions. Go big or go home, right?! There were three on the skewer, so my dad, Ryan, and I each took one.

Ryan devoured the first scorpion….

I snagged the second one…
and dad gobbled up the third…
We all had to admit that they weren’t half bad. They had fried them up so good that they basically tasted like popcorn. At the end of it all, it’s pretty cool to be able to say that we have eaten a deadly creature and survived to tell the tale. 

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