Drive around Cebu


One of our friends from work arranged for us to have a driver take us around Cebu to see some different sites outside of Moalboal. Luckily they had a car that could fit all of us so we hopped in the car and took off.

PH Driving Group Shot

The drive along the coast was magnificent – such breathtaking views of the ocean. We couldn’t believe we were in such a paradise.


The road was a bit windy at some points…

Drive Around Cebu 2

…and we passed quite a few cute little towns.


It was nice because it gave us the chance to see a few things we wouldn’t have seen within the small town that we were staying – more of the country side and a little more about how people live here. There were lots of fields for growing crops…

Drive Around Cebu 2

Many families outside enjoying the beautiful weather…

Drive Around Cebu 1

Water Buffalo in the fields…

Drive Around Cebu 5

And finally, a field full of roosters with their own little huts.

Drive Around Cebu 6

Before we finished our drive, our driver said he thought there was one more place that we should stop before he took us home. He pulled into a parking lot and we got out and saw one of the biggest cathedrals that we have ever seen!

Mother Church

It was also very beautiful on the inside.

Mother Church Inside View

This church had the reputation of causing miracles and so people come from all around to come and say their prayers.The walls were lined with letters from people telling stories of their answered prayers. It was very clear this was a very important place to the people in the local area.

Answered Prayers

We walked along the walk ways outside and there were great views of the nearby water.

Mother Church Sea View

Mother Church Sea View 2

In case you haven’t noticed, we really enjoyed our vacation in the Philippines…still more stories to come, so stay tuned!

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