Halong Bay Cruise Fun: Days 2 & 3


After a great first day, we woke up the next day ready to go to the Fishing Village in the morning. We got in a boat where a Vietnamese woman took us around the village – they also gave us the fantastic hats to wear the whole time which made it even more awesome. Our guide told us that some of the children that grow up here don’t see land until they are teenagers and go into town for things with their parents. It was pretty incredible that they have a fully functioning society that has never set foot on land – it seems so foreign to me but they probably think I’m a bit crazy for not being a strong swimmer…we all have our own perspective.

Halong Bay Fishing Village

The scenery in this area was particularly beautiful and the people were full of smiles!

Fishing Village All Smiles

We got back for some more food, a quick nap and then we headed over to an area for some more sea kayaking. This spot was even more beautiful than the first.


Look closely…those tiny specs are sea kayakers – shows you just how grand the scenery is here!

What made this trip incredibly cool was that we went kayaking through some caves and in some cases had to lay down in the canoe to paddle because the cave ceiling was just above the water. The guide took us through the caves and into this really cool little alcove that was only accessible through the caves – it was awesome! I’ve always wanted to do that so it was certainly a wonderful experience.

Sea Kayaking through Caves HLB

Afterwards, we took turns jumping off the boat into the water – it was so much fun…couldn’t have been in a more beautiful place!

Jumping off the boat in HLB

One of our favorite parts of the cruise was getting to know some of the people working there. On our last night, as the sun was setting, we took advantage of happy hour at the bar and played bar games with the bartenders.

Sunset in HLB

They gave us some bar challenges to solve using cups and cards – the guys loved these and Ryan solved one of them, earning himself a free beer! I couldn’t have been more proud.

HLB Bar Games Collage

The bar tender also told us that he could read minds – Kim was skeptical at first but he chose her card so we weren’t so sure what to think after that.

Kim's Mind Being Read

Left: Our guide reading Kim’s mind; Right: Kim’s reaction when he picked the right card

On our last day, we explored the Surprise Cave. It was full of tourists but it was certainly an interesting stop and had a neat view of Halong Bay upon exiting the cave.

Surprise Cave

And so ended our amazing cruise in Halong Bay. We said goodbye to the crew and headed back for a bit more time in Hanoi. If you’re thinking about vacating in Southeast Asia, be sure to put Halong Bay on your list of places to visit…we found it to be both relaxing and fun and wish we could go back and do it all again!

Our new friends made the cruise even better and stumped us with a few bar challenges!
Our new friends made the cruise even better and made sure this experience was one we would always remember! 

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