Korean Wedding


One of our Korean friends was getting married and he invited Ryan and I to attend. I was incredibly excited because I love weddings and  thought this would be fun to celebrate with our friend! The invitation was to a wedding hall in the next town over and the guys had given us a map to help us find it. The wedding hall had several different spots for many couples to get married in one day so it was buzzing with a lot of people when we got there. As soon as we got in, the groom (our friend, Ted) was waiting there to greet everyone – he was all dressed up and you could tell he was very excited!

Us with the Groom

Ryan and I with our friends Yang and Ted

Before we walked into the wedding room for their ceremony, you passed a room that is set up so that people can take pictures with the bride. We took the opportunity to take a picture of us, some of our co-workers and the beautiful bride.

Us with the Bride

The wedding ceremony started and of course it was all in Korean so it was a bit hard for us to understand what was going on, but there was an MC on a microphone who commentated on the ceremony the whole time which was different than what we had seen at any of the weddings we had been to in the US. The groom came out and gave a speech to everyone and they had friends/family play musical instruments and then they said their vows. At least that was what I gathered was going on with my limited knowledge of the Korean language.  (Sorry the picture is a little blurry – it was dark in the wedding hall, but it’s a good picture to show how dramatic the wedding hall was).

Bride and Groom

 Afterwards, we quickly went to an area outside where they “the after party.” Everyone lined up as the bride and groom walked in – music was playing and people threw rose petals at them – then they danced for a few minutes, rang a bell, and then they left for the next part of the ceremony.

Korean Wedding After Party The next part of the ceremony was the traditional portion and our friend Ted was nice enough to invite us because he thought it would be a good cultural experience for us. Only his immediate family was in the room with them and then we sat outside. They had changed into traditional outfits and then sat at the table with their family around them. Each side of the family came and gave words of wisdom to the bride and groom. They also threw things into the fabric between the bride and groom and they told us the number caught are the numbers of children they will have. The bride and groom served tea to their family and they all drank together. It was a very nice, quiet ceremony and I’m so glad we got to be there for it. I love weddings and learning more about other peoples’ culture so it was perfect.

Korean Traditional WeddingAfter the weddings, we went downstairs to the buffet that was open for all the guests. It was such a fun event – I’m so glad we were able to be apart of it!

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