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One of our favorite parts about traveling is the fact that you get to see what other people’s every day lives are like. There are so many different ways to live life and the more you travel, the more you can adopt some of the better points from the amazing people you meet. All of the people we met in the Philippines were unbelievably friendly and full of joy – I saw nothing but smiles. This is one of the aspects to third world countries that I’ve found remarkable - people are always capable of finding happiness regardless of what they have or don’t have. It changed my perspective about what I “need” and makes me incredibly thankful for what I have.

The Philippines are a country of islands and so their culture is very much centered on the water. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip because it shows how happy and carefree the kids were. They would climb up on the scuba dive ships when they were about to leave and then once they had made their way out to the ocean far enough, the kids would  jump into the water and race each other back. They had such a blast – it was really fun to watch them enjoy the water so much.

Filipino Kids

Kids on Diving Boat

Jump in and race to shore

In this town, they don’t have big shops nearby so most people do their shopping here at the public market…

Moalboal Public Market

Fish @ Market

Fruit @ Market

They use motorbikes as their primary form of transportation and they try to get the maximum number of people on the smallest number of motorbikes (this picture has 5 people, 1 large bag of rice, and another large bag of groceries)…

5 People on Motorbike

…they also get creative with transporting livestock…

Pig on Motorbike

…and getting kids to school.

Filipino School Bus

The standards for safety are not quite the same and this is a sight you may not ever see…lots of cables tied into those power lines. They have found a way to make it work.

Electrical Cables

At the end of each day, we saw men out fishing in their boats…they always looked both peaceful and intent at the same time. What a beautiful way to end each day – on your boat at sunset.

Fisherman at Sunrise

I think the lesson from the Filipinos is to enjoy each day – don’t waste your time stressing about what you want and don’t have; instead, enjoy what you do have and share it with others if you can.

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