London Calling!


London is one of my favorite places in the world…it’s another place that both Ryan and I have been separately but never together. As we were on our way back to Korea from Scotland, we stopped in London for a couple days. My favorite way to enjoy the city is to walk around and see all of the hot spots of the city. It was incredibly cold and even snowing at times, but we were able to hit a lot of the highlights. We saw the Tower of London and London Bridge…

Tower of London

 Big Ben and Westminster Abbey…

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace, and…

Buckingham Palace

Platform 9 3/4. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and so I was really excited to stop by here. Ryan’s not much a Harry Potter fan, but he was nice enough to let me stand in line and took my picture.Travel note: Platform 9 3/4 can be found at King’s Cross station and the spot with the trolley/luggage going into the wall is outside of the ticketing area which was quite touristy but I still thought it was a very fun stop.

Harry Potter

During our time, we were able to enjoy a few English pubs – we absolutely love the beer, the food, and the atmosphere of these places so we were always up for popping in to one when we got a little too cold. While walking around, we found yet another wonderful English pub where we had some great beer and the best fish and chips we had our whole trip (I’m telling you, we really had an obsession with this meal…we couldn’t get enough of it!). It is a welcome change to the way they serve fish in Korea so we were loving every bite!

Best Fish & Chips

Afterwards, we swung by Trafalgar Square to grab some great pictures and then…

Trafalgar Square

found the MI6 headquarters as seen in James Bond… 

Ryan at MI6

and finally, took a walk along the Thames river.

Thames River

Lastly, we went on a Jack the Ripper Tour which was surprisingly fantastic. I didn’t know much of anything about Jack the Ripper, but the tour guide was really enthusiastic and did a great job of telling the history and taking us to all the spots where the murders took place. It was fascinating and in a pretty neat area of London that we wouldn’t normally see. They even took us through the street that J.K. Rowling used as her inspiration for Diagon Alley.

Jack the Ripper Tour

Jack the Ripper Tour in Whitechapel

Afterwards, we grabbed a pint in the same bar where the first victim had her last drink and was killed…certainly a bit morbid, but it was interesting to be in a place where something so infamous took place so long ago. If you’re heading to London, I highly recommend the tour.

Jack the Ripper Tour

Goodbye for now, UK, I am certain we will meet again in the future (hopefully just a bit warmer next time).

Mind the Gap

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