Morgan – Mechanical Engineer/Account Director


 Yet another engineer for you to learn a bit more about! I am excited to introduce my  friend, Morgan. She was one of my closest friends in college and we even had the chance to live together in Houston when we took our first jobs after graduation. Morgan is one of those people who can tackle any challenge head on and always succeed. She’s had some fun opportunities with her job and I think you’ll enjoy hearing about them…

Introduce yourself: 

coworker took me flying in his plane to get ice cream J in 2005 Erie, PA

Why did you become an engineer?

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do in college. I enjoyed math and art and decided that engineering would be a good way to incorporate both skills. Engineering became more exciting when I learned more about how engineering changes lives; focusing my undergraduate work in rehabilitation and energy…unrelated fields…but that’s how engineering goes…you can really explore wherever your interests take you.

What places have you visited while studying or working as an engineer?

Lived in Erie, PA; Schenectady, NY; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Bangkok and Lampang, Thailand

Lampang, Thailand, 2007…making friends with the little girls in our neighborhood!

Traveled for Work: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, DC, Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Calgary, Vancouver


internship in 2006 Schenectady, NY, my boss had me coordinate a volunteer effort for our team…we worked at a local farm which provides for a local food pantry

What is the most interesting story you have had while traveling?

1. After college, I join the GE Commercial Leadership Program, a two-year international rotational program. I met people from all over the world and the most memorable moment was when we were driving to Savannah, GA on a weekend trip with someone from MA (me), South Africa, the Congo, and Singapore and we were all singing to the same songs…mostly Michael Jackson! Proved how small the world really is sometimes!


Crowd represents CLPs from China, Singapore, Russia, Lebanon, Dubai, Mexico, India, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Massachusetts

2. One of the most exciting opportunities that I have had while working at GE was going to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

In 2009 volunteered to manage our Atlanta cross business selling team. It was about 400 sales professionals across the GE businesses; primarily Healthcare, Energy, and Capital. My goal was to increase our cross business lead sharing opportunities in the Atlanta area. I got creative and scheduled breakfasts, lunch and learn sessions, conference calls and attended industry meetings to share more about the benefits of representing the single face of GE when we work with our customers. During the year, we were able to secure $200M worth of orders and dozens of future opportunities for the businesses to work together. As a result of our success, I was awarded with a trip to see the Vancouver Olympics. There is nothing like the pride and excitement surrounded by the Olympic Games!

Morgan Olympic Collage

How were you able to make the most of your time in places that you were sent for work?

Travelling can be tiring, but I have found that when you seek out an experience in each location it is more fun to visit new places. In Calgary, coworkers took us to eat in a quaint downtown neighborhood. In New Hampshire we had all-you-can-eat lobsters. In Florida we had dinner on a roof deck overlooking the marina. My advice would be…a two day trip or a week long training…take the time to socialize with your coworkers, share experiences, and learn about the place you are visiting!…and try to reciprocate when people visit your office.

Morgan - Karaoke

After a long night of Karaoke with the sales team in Hershey, PA

What have you enjoyed most about being an engineer?

Since I am in sales and also an engineer, I work with customers to solve their critical energy issues. I really enjoy seeing projects run from sale to installation to seeing the payback. I joined a Department of Energy audit for a project I sold in 2010. The DOE was impressed with the solution in place and how the customer was already seeing noticeable payback and customer service benefit for their investment…My customer was one of the fastest to restore power to their customers during the infamous October snowstorm and Hurricane Irene, both in 2011.

A big thanks to Morgan for sharing her great stories….she’s certainly had a lot of fantastic experiences and I am sure she will have many more!

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