Offshore Emergency Training


The plan as we know it for Ryan and I is to go Offshore Russia once the platform we are building here in Korea sails to its final location next summer. In order to prepare for this, they sent me to BOSIET which stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. I headed to the training center in Busan on Thursday and our training began. The training was 2 days and the morning was power point presentation material on the basics and then the afternoon was full of practical exercises.

The practical exercises in the afternoon all took place in the pool. Seeing as pictures and videos will tell the story the best, I’ve put in a bunch. :)

This is the group of us with our instructor in the suits that they’re going to make us wear – said to be waterproof and complete with Emergency Breathing and Life Vest inside!

We had to get into the Escape Craft, get lowered down to the water, and then exit – it was certainly very hot and smelled like fiber glass…not a place I would want to spend much time.

Then we moved onto the helicopter exercises….

Here we are in the water practicing with our rebreathers – you breathe into it and it recirculates that breath for you to breath instead of holding your breath – gives you about a minute of air

All strapped into the helicopter – simulating a landing on land (not in the water)

Ready to go for the training!

They had divers in the water to make sure we got out safely

If you’re looking at this picture, I’m the one in the front left (Helmet 5)

Preparing to Ditch (crash into the water)

We had to do 6 exercises total – 3 times this way where you sink into the water this way and then have to get out through the window

The other 3 exercises are done as if the helicopter capsizes – the video shows an example of where we did this. We had to use the rebreather and escape through the window…you’ll notice that I’m the first one out – my survival instincts are strong :)

The rest of the day we spent doing some other exercises such as getting into a raft and then being rescued to safety with a harness. What a great day of training…I’m really glad that I learned everything that I did but I REALLY hope that I never have to put any of it into practice.

Unfortunately I didn’t grab any pictures of our exercises on the second day, but it was all about fire safety, so we had to maneuver around a smoke filled room to get out and then also use several types of fire extinguishers to put out fires. It was really great training!

Ryan should be heading to the training in the next couple of months so we’ll be sure to post any pictures of his experiences, too!
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