Phuket, Thailand


Phuket! We had heard that it was paradise and we simply had to go! We spent the first afternoon going on a long run, relaxing by the pool, and then enjoying a nice dinner. The next day, we got up and spent the day at Kata Beach which is simply gorgeous. We took some fun pictures at night when the long boats came in to dock. :)

By the end of our beach day, we decided we wanted to try something exciting, so we booked ourselves a discovery scuba dive for the next day. This was going to be Ryan’s first time diving and my second and we wanted to test it out to see if we wanted to get certified sometime in the future. So…we headed out to sea and stopped at a smaller island called, Rachai Yai which was stunningly beautiful. The water was emerald and there were great sea creatures all around!

We did our first dive and then went around to another side of the island for our second dive. I have to admit I was a little nervous but I was feeling pretty good towards the end of our first dive and our second dive was great! Ryan was a pro and did awesome!!

When we got back on the boat, they served pancakes which were amazing and it was a great end to a wonderful day! Our dive instructor was awesome and even took a picture with us at the end of the day! She told us to act like we were under water…I don’t think she expected me to be such a goof ball because she couldn’t stop laughing, haha.

The next day we went on a speed boat tour to Ko Phi Phi. This tour was awesome – there were only 7 of us on the tour so it was really nice to have such a small group. The captain of the boat was really funny, too, because he told us his name was “Porn” but told us if we were uncomfortable calling him that, we could call him “Captain.”

We got to explore the beautiful islands of Ko Phi Phi and do a lot of snorkeling! It really was incredibly beautiful! There were lots of islands with big limestone cliffs and coves with crystal water…it was just awesome! They filmed the movie The Beach at Maya Bay which we had a chance to check out (unfortunately I don’t have any pictures because it’s super crowded so our boat dropped us off on the other side of the island so we could walk through and stand on the beach which was really fun – it required us swimming to the island, too which was pretty cool but took away any potential for us bringing our camera) but trust me, it’s gorgeous!! Google it if you don’t believe me. They also took us to a small cove to have lunch and we were the only people on the beach for a bit which was incredible! It truly felt like paradise! We did a bunch more snorkeling and then we headed back to Phuket.

In the evening, we decided to be brave and try the fish spa that we had passed in town a few times. These fish naturally eat dead skin so as soon as you put your feet in, they swarm to your legs and start nipping at your legs and feet – it tickled SO much!! I could barely stand it but we kept our feet in and our skin was so clean afterwards!! It was funny!

The next day, we headed to Cambodia…

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