Secret Drag Chain


Both being engineers and working in the same office, it can get a bit overwhelming because everything seems to be about work. This only happens if you let it, though, and Ryan and I have found that working together is even better when you add a little fun during the work day. Ryan’s job has him out in the field more than I am, so he will give me challenges to find different things on the platform. For several days he gave me the challenge to find a particular piece of equipment on the platform. I looked all around and was not having any glimpse of success and every day he would ask me, “Have you found the Secret Drag Chain?” and I always had to say “Not yet.” Yet being the key word there. Finally one day I was looking for something completely different and realized what I had stumbled upon….

Secret Drag Chain

There it was! Right in the picture behind me – a small drag chain that is hidden on top of the workshops. I happened to be there checking out some things with another engineer and I asked him to take my picture (I’m pretty sure he thought I was a little crazy for taking a picture here). I texted it to Ryan immediately with the caption, “Look what I found…” You can tell by the big smile on my face that I was really excited to have finally found it! And needless to say, he was impressed as well.

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