Singapore Orchid Garden


I am back in Russia again…among snow storms and extremely frigid temperatures so to help warm up, I have been reminiscing about our time in Singapore and Hawaii last year so I thought I would share some stories over the next few posts of our warm climate vacations! Lucky for us, we had friends that used to live in Singapore and they happily gave us some recommendations of what to do while we were in town. One of their recommendations was to go to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We hopped a bus (we found the public transportation to be really easy to use to get around town) and headed into the garden. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous and we really enjoyed walking around them. My main reason for wanting to stop by there was to see the National Orchid Garden…orchids are some of my favorite flowers!

national orchid garden collage

The garden was full of all different types of orchids and they were incredible! One of my favorite areas was where they had grown unique orchids for each of the VIPs that had visited Singapore – Nelson Mandela, Kate Middleton & Prince William, Princess Diana, and other dignitaries from all over the world! The colors and shapes of the flowers were amazing!

Erin and Ryan Orchid Garden

On the way back to the hotel, we grabbed some food at the Hawker Center which is a famous area in Singapore with lots of “hawker stands” – small food stands where people are selling all kinds of different food and drinks! We grabbed some delicious curry, famous Singaporean chicken/rice, and starfruit juices! We also got some Malaysian iced coffees which were delightful. If you have a free day in Singapore, it’s definitely worth heading to the gardens, particularly if you adore orchids like I do!

Travel Tip: If you are heading to Singapore, be sure and pack light and airy clothes because it’s extremely humid and usually boasts pretty warm temperatures. Also bring along some water and you will have a more enjoyable day walking around the gardens! 

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