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Weekend in Hong Kong!

You may remember that we wished you a Merry Christmas while posing with a Santa Claus in a mall in Hong Kong. We had popped over there for a weekend in December because we wanted to get a dose of Christmas spirit. In our small little corner of Korea, the Christmas holidays are not really that big of a deal (at least not in Geoje) and you don’t get the Christmas cheer with Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, twinkly lights, and Christmas tunes that just really get you in the holiday spirit. Lucky for us, Hong Kong is a short flight away, so we hopped on a plane and headed there to check it out! We sure got our dose of Christmas spirit – it was EVERYWHERE. Every hotel or shopping center had Christmas trees and decorations galore. It’s an interesting environment here in Hong Kong because you have quite a few Western Expats.

HK Christmas

On our first morning, we headed to a breakfast place called “Flying Pan” and both enjoyed an awesome breakfast – while breakfast places don’t seem all that worthy of writing about, they are for us. Breakfast spots are essentially non-existent where we’re living and going out to breakfast is one of our favorite things so we cherished this cute little restaurant and devoured our eggs.

Flying Pan

Afterwards, we walked over and stumbled upon some escalators. I realized these were the escalators that I had seen on the travel channel – it’s the longest outdoor escalator series in the world, so we hopped on and enjoyed a ride all the way up to the top.

HK Outdoor Escalator Collage

After getting to the top, we found ourselves walking around to explore this great city in the fantastic weather (seriously – it was 75 degrees and sunny and then got to about 60 during the evenings…it doesn’t get much better than that!). Unlike Korea, we really didn’t feel all that out of place here. It was a nice blend of many different cultures which we really enjoyed.

HK Botanical Garden

We found our way to the Peak Tram and got in line. The tram took you up to the top of the large hill and had great views of the city.

HK Peak Tram

That evening, we went to the other side of the water to see the Skyline and laser show. Hong Kong is known to have one of the most spectacular skylines in the world and it definitely does.

HK Skyline

The next day, we headed to the Stanley Markets and walked around looking for some paintings. We ended up finding a few great paintings and then walked along the water to grab some lunch. Although it was a bit of a drizzly day, we had a fun time exploring another area in Hong Kong.

HK Stanley Market Collage

We took the bus back to the main part of the city and spent some more time walking around the city. One our favorite sites was watching the guys on the bamboo scaffolding. They must have been some of the bravest people alive because they would be up there working on this stuff at insane heights using minimal safety equipment! They would drop the bamboo scaffold poles down to the guy on the ground and he’d catch them and pile them up on the ground. We found it fascinating!

HK Scaffolders

We got back to the main area of Hong Kong a bit before dinner and decided to head to our restaurant of choice a little early. Boy, am I glad we did! This is a Michelin rated dumpling restaurant called Din Tae Fung and there is usually a huge line but because we headed there at 4:45 PM, they showed us right to our seats and we were in heaven for the next hour. The dumplings were amazing, the chicken soup was the best I’ve ever had, the spring rolls were crunchy, and the vegetables were fresh and delicious. They have this restaurant in a few major cities and it is definitely worth going there if you have the chance.

HK Dumplings

We took a late night and I mean really late night flight at 2 AM to arrive back in Busan on Monday morning at 6 AM. It was a fun weekend and we snagged a great Christmas card photo – that was the real success!

Merry Christmas!

We went to Hong Kong to get our fix of holiday spirit a few weeks ago and it was FULL of it…Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas music…it was awesome! One of our goals was to find a Santa to take our picture with for our Christmas card this year. We saw good ole Saint Nick walking around the level we were leaving while we were on the way up an elevator – Ryan and I exchanged excited looks and immediately got on the down escalator as soon as we reached the top so we could catch him for a picture. He was such a good sport and said he was happy to be on our Christmas card. So….from our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas 2013

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted some fun travel stories, but don’t worry…more are coming! We’re going to celebrate the New Year in Australia/New Zealand and then I’ll be back to update everyone on more of our adventures! Happy New Year! I am sure that 2014 is going to be one heck of a year!

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