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FB: Getting Weighed by Cheese Weighers Guild

Ryan and I went on what we call our “Engagement-Moon” because we went on this trip right after we got engaged…the idea behind the trip was to visit the countries associated with my dad’s side of the family. My dad’s family is Italian and Dutch so we headed to those two hot spots for a week. We had an absolute blast and I will share more of these stories later, but for now, I will share one of my favorites – the time we were weighed by the Cheese Weighers Guild. We got to the Alkmaar Cheese Market and the teams of guild members were competing to weigh the cheese quicker than the other teams – each team had a different colored hat on so we decided to cheer for the Green Team. It was high energy – they were grabbing the cheese, putting the cheese on the cheese carrying sleigh, and heading over to the cheese scales as fast as they could to get their cheese weighed and then they would run back out and start again….in case you can’t tell, they really like cheese.

Cheese Market

Cheese Weighers Guild

Line for Cheese Scales

At the end, Ryan and I were weighed by them on one of the big cheese scales – they even gave us their hats so that we looked legit.

Weighed by Cheese Guild

Before leaving, we also tried on some wooden shoes – they were a bit hard to walk in because apparently they were using the one size fits all approach…

Wooden Shoes

If you’re heading to Amsterdam, this is a fun day trip to take – it’s a unique experience and perfect for a nice day! Don’t forget to try some of the cheese around, too – it’s amazing!

FB: Kissing Kangaroos

I thought it would be fun to throw in some flashback (FB) travel stories about places that we’ve been before we moved to Asia – even some from before we got married, so here is one for today…the time I kissed a kangaroo! I’m not lying…there is photo evidence to prove it!

Ryan and I both caught the travel bug during university and this is partly because we both went abroad our junior year of college to complete our interdisciplinary project. This wasn’t your typical go study at an international school kind of experience, but rather we worked for companies or non-profits to help them solve a problem that has an impact on humanity (right up my alley!). It was a great experience – I’ll write more about it later because it’s all apart of how I became an engineer and this is part of the reason that I chose to go to WPI in the first place. Back to the story –  six years ago, this project requirement sent me all the way to Melbourne, Australia where I lived for nearly 2 months. We spent our week-days taking the train into the science education center to work on our project all day and then we had our weekends free for ourselves. On one of our free weekends, we decided to go to the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria. We got there early to maximize our kangaroo time and bought some kangaroo feed and entered the park right as it opened…our initial site looked something like this…hello kangaroos!


We got in and started feeding them…they came in swarms ready for food. The park rangers told us that they come from a place called Kangaroo Island where they don’t have any predators, so they aren’t afraid of people – hence, the no fear mob-style mentality here.

Kangaroo Mob

They were smart enough to figure out we may have stashed some of the extra food we bought in our back packs, so they started poking around that, too.

Kangaroo Bag Search

My project partners and I decided it was best to sit down and just let them come to us.


From the ground, it looked something like this…

Kangaroos in your face

I had joked the whole time that I thought one of those crazy, unbelievable travel pictures would be if a kangaroo kissed me – fat chance that would happen, right? Wrong…I closed my eyes for a second, mockingly making a kissy face and he turned around and laid a wet one on me…so weird. Luckily my friend snapped a photo at the exact moment it happened so I now have this picture to keep forever.

Kissing Kangaroos

Have you ever snapped a crazy photo while traveling?

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