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Halong Bay Cruise: AuCo Cruise Boat

Halong Bay was extremely high on my bucket list and after a great first day in Vietnam, we were picked up at the hotel and our drive to Halong Bay began – I could not have been more excited! We got to the waiting area and were shuttled off to our cruise boat where we would spend 3 days and 2 nights around the beautiful scenery Vietnam has to offer while eating amazing food and also going on fun excursions – I was seriously SO excited! The scenery was breathtaking.

First View of HLB

We could see our cruise boat getting the last round of supplies before we headed on board – these boats are typically called “Junk Boats” – I know that Junk Boat is more of a nickname for these boats, but this was anything but junky…AuCo Cruise Boat

We hopped aboard the shuttle taxi to take us to our boat…obviously we rocked the life jackets (as you may recall, orange is totally my color)…

HLB Shuttle to Cruise Boat

….and boarded the boat – the crew all stood outside and waved to welcome us. They were some of the nicest people I have met and they would go above and beyond to make sure you had a wonderful time.

AuCo Cruise Boat 2

The woman who gave us our key said that we had the most beautiful place on the boat – we figured she said that to everyone, but as we walked down the corridor, we realized…

Walkway to our room

…they had upgraded us to be at the room in the front of the boat! We couldn’t believe it – what a wonderful surprise! The room was really nice!

HLB Cruise Room

I loved the dark wood in the bathroom…so classy! HLB Room Bathroom

View from HLB Cruise Window

And the balcony made for an excellent spot to hang out and enjoy the amazing view. You can tell how pumped we are from our giant smiles – yeah, those were hard to shake off the entire cruise!

HLB Chilling on the Balcony

We decided on the AuCo Cruise and couldn’t have been happier – it was absolutely amazing! I’ll be sharing more about what we did in Vietnam, so stay tuned for stories about sea kayaking, fishing villages, caves, and more!


For the record, these opinions are all my own – we fully adored this cruise! 

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