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Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn’t a big deal in Korea – in some bigger cities, such as Seoul, you’ll see more Halloween stores and things but on our little island, there is none of that. This means that being an expat, you have to get creative when celebrating this fun holiday. Our friends were hosting a Halloween party, so we decided to dress up as….

Kendrick Foxes Roof Top

Yup, foxes. Our friend was really into the song, “What did the fox say?” and so we decided to dress up as the Ylvis music video. He was the main fox in front and we were his fox back up dancers…if you’re totally confused as to what I’m talking about, check out the music video.  Here is the whole fox crew…

Foxes - Rooftop Group Shot 1

Rachel did our make up (orange bronzer, white foundation, and eye liner – she’s so clever!) and I think we turned out looking pretty convincing as foxes if I do say so myself.

Foxy Ladies

At the end of the evening we did a performance and it was a big hit.

Fox Dance

And to end the night, we took a group picture with the only true furry creature there – our friends’ dog, Jody.

Group Pic with Jody

What costumes have you come up with when you don’t have a Halloween store at your fingertips?

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a very big deal in Asia – an even bigger deal than Dec 31st. We were expecting fireworks and parades to be a big part of this day; however, it is more of a quiet family holiday in Korea – they all g home to see their family and celebrate together. To celebrate on Lunar New Year Eve, a group of us got together for dinner at the Samsung Hotel – it was great! We had happy hour, a big dinner, and went out on the town. It was a blast!

Lunar New Year Dinner

The Monday after was a holiday, so we had the day off work; we were blessed with an extremely beautiful day so we took full advantage of it by heading into the nearby town, Tongyeong. They have a cable car that takes you up to the top of a look out point which has a great view of the surrounding area. There’s one viewpoint where you can see Japan which is pretty cool.

Tongyeong Cable Car

Tongyeong Cable Car

Top of Tongyeong Cable Car

We really enjoyed our first Lunar New Year in Asia!

First Christmas Abroad

As expected, Christmas time in Asia brought some new changes to our surroundings – the grocery store started playing Christmas music (it was the same song over and over again which was funny), some of the coffee shops were decorated with snowflakes and snowmen and the churches had Christmas lights up. We weren’t prepared with our own holiday decorations, but wanted to be in the Christmas spirit so luckily, the big grocery store had just what we needed! We purchased a  5 ft tree with lights and some ornaments. It was really fun to have our own little tree! In fact, we kept it up a little longer than normal because I loved how cheerful it looked.
Our little Christmas Tree

Our little Christmas Tree

Due to some changes at work, they asked us to cancel our holiday vacation so we didn’t get to do quite as much exploring as we would have liked to. We still made sure to make the most of it and fulfilled our favorite holiday traditions which included having a delicious dinner and watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and then enjoying baked french toast Christmas morning…I had to improvise with a couple of the ingredients but it still came out tasting pretty darn good!
Baked French Toast on Christmas Morning

Baked French Toast on Christmas Morning

Then, we got together with friends for dinner at one of the Italian places near by. We spent the rest of the time hanging out as a group and enjoying the holiday. It was a fun Christmas and certainly unlike any other Christmas that we have had in the past. The most exciting part of this time of year were the special visitors that were coming just a few days after Christmas and we couldn’t wait for them to get here! :)
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