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Topsides Jack Up Video

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what we’re doing here in Korea and some of the crazy cool things that we’re getting to be a part of. This video is an example of one of those awesome things – in order to be transported to Russia, the Topsides had to be raised up in preparation to go on the barge that will that will take it there. A specialty contractor came in to do this for our project – it lifted the more than 42,000 Te Topsides that we work on every day up another ~20m. It was really interesting to watch this all come together – it was pretty remarkable to see it when it was finally lifted, too. To me, this is one of many reasons being an engineer is awesome – you don’t just get to see this on videos, but you get to see it in person and watch things happen that others may not think possible. I think that’s pretty darn cool. What do you think?

Traffic Jam Shipyard Style

Ryan snapped this awesome picture of a traffic jam in the shipyard on his way home. He’s sitting in his car behind the bongo trucks waiting for the block to be transported down the road.

Shipyard Traffic Jam

The shipyard builds the ships or projects in pieces (also called “blocks”) and then they put them together in another area – it’s almost like a puzzle. They move them around to different areas in the yard at different stages during the fabrication on these huge transporters, called Kamags.  The Kamags can raise and lower to get under the different pieces to then move them around to wherever they need to go. We see them moving things around all day every day – sometimes requiring 2 Kamags side by side because the blocks are so large – the scale of the things they build is mind blowing sometimes.

Picture courtesy of Kamag

Many of the blocks are so large that they block (no pun intended) the roads in the shipyard and cause a traffic jam because they move slowly and there’s no way around them. Sometimes it will lengthen your commute and even though it can be a bit frustrating, you just have to remind yourself that of all the ways to be stuck in one place, this is a pretty unique circumstance to do it in.

Work on Sunday?!

Sundays are precious because site assignments like we have here are extremely busy and lately we’ve had to work on Saturdays as well which makes Sundays our only full day off.  One week, there was an exciting work event occurring on a Sunday and we decided to head in on that treasured day off. I know you probably think that we’re crazy but as engineers, we both like to see new and exciting things and this Sunday offered that very opportunity. Our project had a big lift of the drilling derrick onto our Topsides…they had to bring in a special crane to do the lift and so we went to go watch.

It made for a fun and unique photo op, too!

Erin & Ryan at the Derrick Lift

Erin & Ryan at the Derrick Lift

Quite a few of the other young engineers came to watch as well, so we’re not the only crazy ones!

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