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Tricycle Adventures

One of the best ways to get around in the Philippines is by what is locally known as a tricycle. Many of the locals have set up businesses where they crafted a vehicle by adding a side car to a motorbike. They use this as a taxi service and will take you wherever you want to go for an extremely affordable price.

Tricycle First Sight

They all have a special name for their tricycles…this one was aptly named to display its family style business: 3 Sisters 1 Brother. 

Funny Names for Trikes

It is an experience unlike any other. At first glance, it is very obvious that they are not built for tall people; however, with a little wiggling, we were able to squeeze in.

Tricycle Squeeze

Question: “Can this thing fit 3 people?”
Answer: “Yup” (Ryan rode on the bike behind the driver)

Another aspect that makes them true engineering marvels is the fact that they make it as far as they do.  Many parts are held together with tape, but once you start driving, you pay more attention to the beautiful scenery rather than the questionable construction of your transportation, and it becomes much less of a concern. At the end of it all, we did safely make it to our destination each time so they are certainly doing something right.

Tricycle Ride

This was such a fun and unique part of our trip so we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

Trike #2


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