Typhoon Bolaven


Over the weekend, we started hearing on the news that there was a typhoon that was heading our way. We knew that a typhoon was basically a hurricane in the eastern half of the world but it was our first one none the less so we were secretly a little excited about it. Just to be safe, we went and got some extra food from the grocery store and monitored the storm online….these are the kinds of pictures we were seeing…it looked giant! Satellite Picture of Typhoon Bolaven

On Monday afternoon, they told us that the offices would be closed on Tuesday because of the storm = Typhoon Tuesday!! We woke up the next day to a lot of howling wind and some rain but it was fairly anti-climactic – we kept expecting the power to go out, but luckily we were completely safe and sound from the storm. The storm was so anti-climactic in fact that they opened the offices after lunch and we headed back in to work. At least now we can check: “Experience a Typhoon” off our list of life experiences without too much trouble. :)

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