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I said in my Rotorua post that I thought my day trip to Hobbiton deserved its own post, so here it is! One of the only things that Ryan and I disagree on is how cool Lord of the Rings is…the fact that I went there all by myself for a wonderful day tour should tell you which side of the argument I’m on with this – I love Lord of the Rings and couldn’t go to New Zealand without visiting here!

Hobbiton Intro Pic for Blog

We got there and I couldn’t believe how well done the set was – it really brought it all to life! The main area has hobbit holes scattered around the hilly countryside with Bilbo’s house up at the top. I have to admit that when I was reading these books back when I was in middle school,  this is pretty close to how I imagined it would be.


The tour guide walked us around the grounds and the level of detail that they put into these was particularly impressive. The fences had fabricated lichen on them (you couldn’t have new fences there, now, could you?!) and they told us that students were hired to run up and back from the house to the outdoor clothes drying rack until it looked like it was well worn (wanted to make sure people believed this had been around for a long, long time when they were watching the movie!)…even the chimneys were smoking as if someone were in there – they certainly were making continued efforts to capture the imaginations of the fans.

Hobbiton Collage

They used forced perspective for the LOTR trilogy movies so they had hobbit holes of various different sizes so the actors could stand/walk next to them and look taller or about the right height depending on their character.

Hobbiton Hole Collage

Bilbo’s house was up at the top of the hill…

Bilbo Hobbit Hole Collage

And my favorite one of the tour, Samwise Gamgee’s house…

Samwise Gamgee Collage

At the end of the tour, we all got a drink at the Green Dragon – I enjoyed a cider by the fire and soaked in the atmosphere. The interior of the place was great and I was glad I got to see this place in person.

Green Dragon Inn Collage 2

If you’re ever on the North Island of New Zealand, this place is definitely worth checking out, particularly if you’re a fan of the movies! 

Green Dragon Collage 1

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2 Responses to Visit to Hobbiton

  1. Jennifer Flanders says:

    ahhh I need to go! :)

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