White Beach

Every time we left our hotel, the tricycle driver, Raul  would ask us if we wanted to go to “White Beach” and we finally took him up on the offer.  He got his buddy  with an additional tricycle and we all headed that way. We were worried that it was going to be a very touristy beach but when we got there, we were the only foreigners on the beach and there were a lot of locals out enjoying the sun and the sea – perfect atmosphere for us.
White Beach
They had small huts with tables so one of the locals found us one and then brought us a cooler and a few blocks of ice with some beer in it.
Group in Beach Hut
It had quite the beach front view which made it even more awesome.
View from Hut
We went to the stalls nearby and got some food and we had a really delicious little lunch (approximate price for all 6 of us including drinks: $10).
White Beach Feast
We were silly and forgot towels and they didn’t have any for sale so we got sarongs instead which we showed off later and the locals got a kick out of that (they were all laughing and waving at us).

We loved our sarongs so much that the boys got jealous and wanted to try them out…this is when the cheering and laughing from the other beach patrons erupted.

Men in Sarongs

We spent some time swimming and hanging out in the water – it was the perfect temperature and the scenery was to die for. These pictures truly don’t do it justice.
Drinks at the Beach
Best Friends in Philippines
White Beach Group Shot
It was such a relaxing place…even the dogs were lounging around and enjoying the beautiful weather.
Dog at White Beach
One thing we discovered about the Filipino culture is that they are extremely friendly. They were very eager to talk to us and even wanted to take pictures with us which was funny.
Posing with the Locals
Wanted to take pics with us
Matt's Filipino Friend
Ben also got recruited to the volleyball team.
White Beach Volleyball
We watched the gorgeous sunset to close out one of the best days we’ve ever had.
Girls enjoying the sunset
Ryan & I White Beach Sunset

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