Work on Sunday?!


Sundays are precious because site assignments like we have here are extremely busy and lately we’ve had to work on Saturdays as well which makes Sundays our only full day off.  One week, there was an exciting work event occurring on a Sunday and we decided to head in on that treasured day off. I know you probably think that we’re crazy but as engineers, we both like to see new and exciting things and this Sunday offered that very opportunity. Our project had a big lift of the drilling derrick onto our Topsides…they had to bring in a special crane to do the lift and so we went to go watch.

It made for a fun and unique photo op, too!

Erin & Ryan at the Derrick Lift

Erin & Ryan at the Derrick Lift

Quite a few of the other young engineers came to watch as well, so we’re not the only crazy ones!

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2 Responses to Work on Sunday?!

  1. Cece Kendrick says:

    Ryan, I knew you were strong! What a lift! You’ve come a long way from the bench you refurbished in our basement! :) Mom

  2. [...] I took this trip last year but I thought it would still be a fun one to share. It was a sight to see when they brought this over to the shipyard that we work at normally and an even more exciting experience to watch it be placed on top of our platform. You can read about that in a post I wrote a little while ago here.  [...]

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